Joint Response to UN Women Consultation


This statement signed by 190 sex workers' rights, women's rights, and human rights organisations submitted the following response to the UN Women consultation on "sex work, sex trade, and prostitution." The Statement is calling UN Women to meaningfully engage with a broad range of sex workers’ and women’s rights organisations in the policy development process. It focuses on five key recommendations for UN Women to consider in their policy development process:

  1. Develop the policy through a transparent and participatory process, engaging a diverse range of sex workers from the global South and North,
  2. Anchor the policy in human rights principles, 
  3. Distinguishing between sex work and trafficking, 
  4. Emphasize the importance of decriminalisation and remove related punitive laws and policies, 
  5. Address all forms of violence against all sex workers.

In addition to this response, NSWP has published a response to UN Women's online consultation here and has developed a draft framework for a UN Women human rights affirming approach to sex work in response to a UN women e-consultation. NSWP is also petitioning UN Women to meaningfully consult sex workers in the development of their policy.

You can download this 10 page PDF above. This submission is available in English.