Briefing Note: Universal Health Coverage


This Briefing Note outlines Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the challenges it presents for sex workers and other criminalised populations. 

WHO defines UHC as a system where "all people have access to health services they need (prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care) without the risk of financial hardship when paying for them". Challenges remain around ensuring adequate financing for UHC, and ensuring a rights-based approach when implementing UHC, so that key populations, including sex workers, are not left behind as a result of criminalisation, stigma and discrimination. 

The UN General Assembly will agree a political declaration on UHC at a High Level Meeting in September 2019. Sex workers and the other key populations are calling on allies and partners in the UN system and broader civil society to speak-up, loudly and clearly, to support the call to put the last mile first in the UHC negotiations and implementation

You can download this 7-page resource above. It is available in Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.