Twenty Years Of Failing Sex Workers: A community report on the impact of the 1999 Swedish Sex Purchase Act


Fuckförbundet launched a new report - "20 Years Of Failing Sex Workers" - as part of their 2019 conference "Sex Work, Human Rights And Health: Assessing 20 Years Of Swedish Model". It brings together available evidence from sex workers on the impact of the law. Contents include:

  • Structural violence against sex workers: increasing stigma, exclusion and discrimination 
    • Media depictions of sex workers in Sweden
    • Exclusion from feminist & LGBTQ/queer organising
    • Governmental discourses conflating trafficking for sexual exploitation & sex work
  • Unrecognised and unpunished: interpersonal violence against sex workers
    • State-sponsored violence: the role of police and immigration authorities
    • Exploitation & violence by non-state actors
  • Sex workers' right to health impeded: abolition as a healthcare solution
    • Services for sex workers: lack of non-judgemental, low threshold provision
    • Intersecting stigma & discrimination: barriers to healthcare for sex workers who are migrant, LGBT and/or use drugs
  • Client criminalisation beyond beyond Sweden: detrimental effects of a policy export 
  • Policy recommendations

You can download this 24 page report above or on the Fuckförbundet website. It is available in English.