The RighT Guide: A Tool to Assess the Human Rights Impact of Anti-trafficking Policies

Aim for Human Rights (the Netherlands), La Strada Czech Republic, La Strada International and SCOT-PEP (UK)
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The RighT Guide is a tool to assess the human rights impacts of anti-trafficking policies. The tool was created by both sex worker-led organisations and allies. The aim of the toolkit is to provide NGOs and other organisations with a tool they can use to assess the consequences of anti-trafficking policies on the human rights of the people most affect by these policies, such as sex workers. The tool provides the step-by-step process to study the impact of anti-trafficking policies, which then provides evidence-based research for advocacy against these policies.

Contents include:

Part I - Introduction

  • About the RighT Guide
  • A human rights based approach to trafficking
  • Introducing human rights
  • UN Trafficking Protocol

Part II - Quick Scan

Part III - The assessment in 7 Steps

  • Preparation
  • The policy
  • Legal, political, and social environment
  • Human rights in theory: human rights commitments of your State
  • Human rights in practice: the impact of the policy
  • Accountability of the State
  • Recommendations & action plans

You can download this 76-page PDF above. This resource is in English.