The Nature and Extent of the Sex Industry in New Zealand: An Estimation

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This report provides baseline information on the sex industry prior to the passage of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 (the Act) in New Zealand. It will assist the Committee evaluate the extent to which the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 (the Act) is meeting its purpose.

The Act came into force on 28 June 2003. The Act decriminalises prostitution (while not endorsing or morally sanctioning prostitution or its use). It repealed offences associated with soliciting and brothel keeping.

The purpose of the Act is to:

  • safeguard the human rights of sex workers and protect them from exploitation
  • promote the welfare, occupational health and safety of sex workers
  • create an environment that is conducive to public health and
  • protect children from exploitation in relation to prostitution.

Prostitution is now subject to the same laws and controls that regulate other businesses.

The contents of the report include:

  • Survey of New Zealand Police
  • New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective

You can download this 69 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.