TAMPEP on the Situation of National and Migrant Sex Workers in Europe today

Tampep International
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This briefing paper calls for the decriminalisation of sex work and sets out TAMPEP International’s arguments against the abolitionist feminist lobby groups that work to decriminalisation.

Founded in 1993 in response to the needs of migrant sex workers across Europe, TAMPEP has over 20 years’ experience monitoring patterns and changes within the sex industry across 28 European countries, advocating for equal access to support and services for migrant sex workers and amplifying the voices of migrant sex workers. In this briefing paper, TAMPEP reaffirms its position and demands new approaches to and elevated civil society engagement in supporting sex workers in Europe in face of growing anti-‘prostitution’ efforts and xenophobia, at a critical moment for sex worker-led advocacy.

Contents Include:

  • The situation of national and migrant sex workers in Europe today
  • Decriminalisation
  • Stigma and migration
  • EU-specific trends
    • Increased conservatism
    • Conflation of trafficking and sex work
    • Abolitionism and the Swedish Model
    • Policing and repression
    • Barriers to health
    • Homophobia and transphobia
  • TAMPEP comments on prostitution policies in Europe today

This briefing is useful to sex workers seeking to understand European Union trends in sex work regulations and how they effect migrant sex workers. The briefing is also a useful advocacy tool for sex worker activists seeking to combat the conflation of migrant sex work and trafficking.

You can download this 6 page PDF above. This resource is available in English.