STOPAIDS position paper: Supporting the full decriminalisation of sex work


STOPAIDS has published a new position paper supporting the decriminalisation of sex work, designed to support STOPAIDS members to advocate for decriminalisation within their own advocacy and programmes, and support the global sex worker rights movement.

The paper outlines a human rights-based approach to sex work, in line with NSWP's Consensus Statement and the SWIT. It discusses sex workers' right to health, to live free from violence and the right to work and to choose their employment. It also discusses the harms of criminalisation (including criminalisation of clients and third parties) in terms of health, including safe sex and access to health services, and in terms of safety and wellbeing of sex workers. The paper outlines how decriminalisation may affect policies and programmes within the international development sector, and makes recommendations for supporting decriminalisation aimed at its member organisations. 

You can download this 16-page resource above, or on the STOPAIDS website. It is available in English.