Sex Workers Speak. Who Listens?

Open Democracy

Beyond Trafficking and Slavery have published a sex worker-led anthology Sex Workers Speak. Who Listens? on Open Democracy edited by Giulia Garofalo Geymonat and P.G. Macioti. This anthology addresses the violence, exploitation, abuse, and trafficking present the sex industry. It does so through the perspective of sex workers themselves. The first section is dedicated to contributions from Europe; the second section includes views from Latin America, Asia and Africa; while the third section features some of the arguments put forward by transnational organisations.

Contents include:

  • Sex workers speak: who listens? by Giulia Garofalo and P.G. Maciot
  • What gives them the right to judge us? by Roses d'Acier (Steel Roses) with Chen Ting and Helene Le Bail
  • The French state against sex workers: a security and racist logic by STRASS
  • At long last, listen to the women! by Gail Pheterson
  • Sex workers want peer knowledge, not state control by Hydra's Peers
  • German law endangers sex workers by a diverse group of Berlin-based sex worker activists
  • Sex work is a social and not criminal issue by the Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes
  • Trafficking discourses and sex workers' mobilisation in Eastern Europe and central Asia by Netochka Nezanova
  • We don't do sex work because we are poor, we do sex work to end our poverty by Empower Foundation
  • The creative protests of sex workers in Argentina by Georgina Orellana
  • Sex work activism in South Africa: a struggle for Visibility by Dudu Dlamini and Sally-Jean Shackleton from SISONKE and SWEAT
  • The power of putas: the Brazilian prostitutes' movement in times of political reaction by Thaddeus Blanchette and Laura Murray
  • South Korea: sex workers fighting the law and law enforcement by YuJin, Popho E.S. Bark-Yi, Matthias Lehmann
  • Anti-trafficking campaigns, sex workers and the roots of damage by Carol Leigh
  • Amnesty International: adopt the proposed policy on sex work by ICRSE
  • Why decriminalise sex work? by NSWP
  • For decriminalisation and justice, sex workers demand legal reform and social change by ICRSE

You can download this 120 page PDF above. This resource is available in English.