Sex Worker-Driven Research: Best Practice Ethics

Elena Jeffreys

This paper Sex Worker-Driven Research: Best Practice Ethics, was developed by sex worker-led organisation Scarlet Alliance’s director, Elena Jeffreys. Based upon the August 2009 International Sex Worker Think Tank on Research, the paper discusses best practice ways of involving sex workers in research.

Contents include:

  • Contemporary sex worker discussions on research in Australia, Asia and the Pacific
  • Contemporary engagement by sex workers in research
  • Sex Worker Research Think Tank: Bali August 2009
  • Key research issues for sex workers
  • Negative effects of research on sex workers
  • Questions sex worker researchers should ask.

This paper will be useful for researchers seeking to better understand sex worker research priorities, key ethical issues in sex worker research, and good practices in engaging sex worker communities in research.

You can download this 16 page resource as a PDF above. This resource is in English.