Sex Work Migration Health - A report on the intersections of legislations and policies regarding sex work, migration and health in Europe

Licia Brussa
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The aim of this European report is to provide transparency about the legislation on sex work throughout Europe and its impact on the human rights of sex workers, including their access to public health services. The report assesses legislation and policy developments on sex work, migration and health policies on a national and European level and includes a critical evaluation of the various approaches relating to the interrelated issues of sex work, migration and health.

This report includes:
Sex Work

  • Legal approaches to sex work
  • National legislations and policies
  • Criminalisation through legislations and policies


  • Sex work in the context of migration
  • Legislations and policies
  • Exclusion through legislations and policies


  • Health policies and access to public health services for sex workers
  • The politics of mandatory health checks
  • Universal access
  • HIV/AIDS testing and treatment
  • Drug use and harm reduction programmes
  • Protection from deportation
  • Barriers to accessing public health care services

European Perspective
Case Studies

  • FINLAND | The Finnish Model
  • NORWAY | Criminalising the purchase of sexual services:
  • UNITED KINGDOM | Sex Work and the Policing & Crime Bill:
  • ITALY | Anti-Prostitution ordinances

National Report Summaries
TAMPEP Resources
The TAMPEP Network

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