Sex Work, HIV/AIDS, and Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Anna Alexandrova, Vanja Dimitrievski, Lucy Platt, Nora Stojanovik, Raminta
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This report provides an overview of important issues that sex workers face in the region as well as to the political, economic, and social factors that influence policies and attitudes toward sex workers. It focuses primarily on existing laws and policies and their consequences from the perspective of HIV prevention and treatment. The report also offers recommendations designed to uphold sex workers’ human rights and remove barriers that reduce their ability or willingness to obtain access to consistent and equitable health care and other social services.

 This document contains:

  • Sex work and associate risk behaviours
  • Legal regulations of sex work
  • HIV/STI and harm reduction interventions
  • Recommendations

You can download this 121 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.