RighT Guide Factsheets

Aim for Human Rights (the Netherlands), La Strada Czech Republic, La Strada International and SCOT-PEP (UK)
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This document includes 15 factsheets that answer questions and define terms used in the RighT Guide: A Tool to Assess the Human Rights Impact of Anti-trafficking Policies. The tool was created by both sex worker-led organisations and allies. The aim of the toolkit is to provide NGOs and other organisations with a tool they can use to assess the consequences of anti-trafficking policies on the human rights of the people most affect by these policies, such as sex workers. These factsheets should be used with the RighT Guide to answer questions that readers may have.

Contents Include:

  • What are human rights
  • The major human rights
  • UN Trafficking protocol
  • Guidelines for interviews and meetings
  • Cross-cutting principles
  • Right to non-discrimination, equality before the law and equal protection by the law
  • Human rights standards for preventing and combating trafficking and the protection of the rights of trafficked persons
  • Right to Life, Liberty and Security
  • The Right to Freedom from Forced Labour, Slavery, Slavery-like Practices, and Servitude
  • Right to Freedom of Movement and to choose a Residence
  • Right to Seek Asylum and to Non-refoulement
  • Right to Privacy and Family Life
  • Right to Free Choice of Employment and to Just and Favourable Conditions of Work
  • Right to Peaceful Assembly and Freedom of Association
  • Right to Health

You can download this 65-page PDF above. This resource is in English.