New Zealand CEDAW Shadow Report

New Zealand Prostitutes Collective

The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, with support from NSWP, submitted this shadow report to the 70th CEDAW Session, which took place June-July 2017. The report elaborates on the situation of women who are sex workers in New Zealand. It documents the way their situation has been advanced under the New Zealand Model of decriminalisation. The report also highlights disparities that still exist between non-migrant sex workers and migrant sex workers.

Contents include:

  • Sex work regulation in New Zealand
  • Situation of non-migrant sex workers
    • Police relationships with sex workers 
    • Discrimination and stigma
  • Suppression of trafficking
    • Combating exploitation
    • Ability to leave sex work 
  • Access to health
    • Sexual and reproductive health care
  • Equality before the law 
    • Integrating sex workers into society
  • Situation of Migrant Female Sex workers in New Zealand
    • Suppression of trafficking
    • Changing nationality; right to work; right to an economic and social life; freedom of movement 
    • Right to an education and equality before the law 
    •  Access to health
  • Recommendations

You can download this 11-page report above. It is available in English. 

Funding from PITCH through the Free Space process supported the development of this Shadow Report and the participation of a country team of sex workers to the 70th CEDAW session.