HOOK's Handouts: Health and Safety Tips by and for Sex Workers

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HOOK is a kickass grassroots, volunteer initiative by, for, and about male sex workers. These pocket guides, supersnappy toolkit and cop card provide information on sex work. This educational material is interesting for sex workers who want to educate themselves or others on how work safely and healthy.

The Working Man's Pocket Guide gives tips on doing sex work: be mobile, be good to yourself, be aware, be cautious about cash, be listening.

The Client Guide is a handout for clients. It educates on etiquette in sex worker - client interactions.

The Cop Card is a small card outlining one's rights when approached by police.

Boundary Basics gives 5 smart, simple tips on maintaining healthy boundaries while working in the sex industry.

Party & Playing the Smart Way provides advice on getting smart about getting high and getting off.

The Trick Translation Guide lists client phrases that should be considered warning signs.

At Work / At Play is a handout on safety and health in work and in play.

The Supersnappy Toolkit is a 1-page handout on safer sex practices. "It'll keep your tool happy."

The Physician Fitness Handout gives sex workers tips on how to find the right doctor.