Exploitation: Unfair Labour Arrangements and Precarious Working Conditions in the Sex Industry

International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe

The ICRSE Community Report Exploitation: Unfair Labour Arrangements and Precarious Working Conditions in the Sex Industry discusses exploitation in the sex industry, while simultaneously challenging anti-sex work advocates' understanding of sex work as 'sexual exploitation'. Through case studies in Europe and Central Asia, it argues that both sex work, as a form of work and income-generating activity, and exploitation, as labour arrangements that enable one person to take unfair advantage of the work of another, belong to the realm of work and should be viewed and analysed through the lens of labour. 

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Confronting myths and realities of exploitation in sex work including 'sexual exploitation' and the law
  • Identifying exploitation in the sex industry including: job insecurity, absent benefits and protections, vanishing earnings and hazardous working conditions
  • Disentangling links between exploitation and criminalisation
  • Conclusions 

This document is useful because it clearly outlines labour rights abuses in the sex industry, and provides concrete recommendations for addressing these abuses, including the decriminalisation of sex work, advocacy for the recognition of sex workers' labour rights, promotion of safer and non-exploitative workplaces for sex workers, sex worker unionisation, empowerment of sex worker communities, facilitation of sex workers’ access to justice, and advocacy for social justice and expansion of job opportunities for all.

You can download this 25 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.