Ethics Review of Social Care Research: Options Appraisal and Guidelines.

Jan Pahl, University of Kent
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The consultation is to obtain views on ethics review of social care research. Comments are welcomed from those working in social care research and practice communities, from service users/carers or organisations representing them and from members of the public with an interest in research. The consultation follows the six criteria for consultation set out in Cabinet Office Code of Practice.

The implementation of the Department of Health’s Research Governance Framework requires that independent ethics review is undertaken of all health and social care research. Currently there is no national system for review of social care research comparable to that of the NHS Research Ethics Committees (RECs). The NHS RECs will cover any social care research that involves NHS staff, service users or user-data. Most will not be appropriate for the NHS RECs however as it involves only social care agencies and populations. A national system for ethics review in social care will thus need to be developed.

Four main options (or models) for a national social care ethics review system have emerged from previous consultations and these are set out in the document.

The contents of this resource include:

  • Introduction to social research
  • Current arrangements for ethics review
  • Four options for the ethics review of social care research
  • The establishment and support of a system of ethics review
  • Membership requirements and processes
  • The compition of a system of ethics review
  • Working procedures
  • The process of ethics review
  • Submitting an application

You can download this 41 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.