Decriminalisation of Sex Work in Kenya

INCLUDE Platform

This policy brief on the Decriminalisation of Sex Work in Kenya was written in collaborartion with the University of Amsterdam and NSWP member HOYMAS and KESWA. This policy brief argues that sex workers have the same rights as other citizens in Kenya as outlined in the Kenyan Constitution. The brief describes key instances in which the rights of sex workers as defined by the Constitution are violated in Kenya. This article also provides an overview of the benefits of the decriminalisation of sex work in Kenya.

Contents includes four contractions or sections:

  • Contradiction 1: the penal code and county by-laws;
  • Contradiction 2: the penal code, county by-laws and the Bill of Rights;
  • Contradiction 3: the penal code and health care laws;
  • Contradiction 4: government health interventions and police practices.

This policy brief is useful because it succintly analyses how laws, statutes, and structures negatively impact sex workers in Kenya and violate their rights. It also provides an alternative to the current regulation of sex work in Kenya.

This article has also been published on the website of the INCLUDE knowledge platform on inclusive development policies

You can download this 2 page PDF above. This resource is in English.