Challenges: Ottawa Area Sex Workers Speak Out

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This community-based report by POWER discusses the challenges faced by sex workers in Ottawa and Gatineau in Ontario, Canada. They interviewed 43 adult sex workers including male, female, and transgender sex workers and used this research to guide their advocacy efforts. The report outlines, in detail, the context of sex worker in Ottawa and Gatineau, the labour site challenges faced by sex workers, stigma, discrimination, and violence against sex workers in the region.

The chapters in this document cover:

  • Methodology
  • Positioning the Research
  • Sex Workers Speak about Labour Site Challenges
  • Sex Workers Speak about Safety, Security and Well-being
  • Sex Workers Speak about the Police
  • Sex Workers Speak about the Law and Criminal ‘Justice’
  • Sex Workers Speak about Stigma, Social Judgement and Whorephobia
  • Intersecting Marginalisation

You can download this 140 page PDF above. This resource is in English.