CEDAW Shadow Report by the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland


The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) submitted this shadow report to to the 66th CEDAW Session on Ireland. The report focuses on the harms of The Sexual Offences Bill, passed at the beginning of 2017, which criminalises the purchase of sexual services and increase the penalties for indoor sex workers. NSWP has previously reported on this bill and SWAI’s organizing efforts against the bill.

Contents Include:

  • Why sex work is an issue for CEDAW
  • Legal context of sex work in Ireland
  • Criminalization of street-based sex workers and sex workers working together
  • Effects of law on sex worker safety, access to justice, and right to health
  • Recommendations.

Their submission is useful for sex workers who are interested in submitting their own report to CEDAW once their own country is reviewed. It is also useful for those interested in learning more about the context of sex work in Ireland.

You can download the 5 page PDF above. This resource is available in English.