UNAIDS Advisory Group on HIV and Sex Work 4-6 Nov 09 – Notes for Record


This is the English version of the Note for Record of the November 2009 UNAIDS Advisory Group on HIV and Sex Work

This document details the events of the group meeting, including:

  • Overview of the history and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group
  • New developments that impact upon the Advisory Group’s work
  • UNAIDS Second Independent Evaluation - presentation
  • The Global Fund’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Strategy - presentation.
  • Overview of 4 key issues identified in the UNAIDS Guidance Note on HIV and Sex Work requiring further clarification
  • ISSUE 1 Removing punitive laws, policies, and practices
  • ISSUE 2 Demand Reduction
  • ISSUE 3 Conflation of human trafficking and sex work
  • ISSUE 4 Economic Empowerment
  • Meaningful participation of sex workers in regional and national consultations and training
  • Monitoring the roll-out of the Guidance Note and its annexes
  • Presentation on AIDS Space
  • Priorities and next steps


You can download this 11 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.