Off the streets - Arbitrary Detention and Other Abuses Against Sex Workers in Cambodia.

Human Rights Watch
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This report details the abuses, including illegal detainment, physical, sexual, and social violence, perpetrated by law enforcement, legal, and social agencies against sex workers in Cambodia.

This document includes:

  • Summary with Key Recommendations
  • Methodology
  • Sex Work in Cambodia: Numbers, Civil Society Involvement with Sex Workers, Cambodian Law, Crackdowns
  • Abuses Against Sex Workers: Street Harassment and Abuses, Abuses During Arrest and in Custody, Detention, Abuses at Government Social Affairs Centres, NGO Shelters and Arbitrary Detention
  • International Law
  • Impunity and Inaction Perpetuate Abuses: Failure to Investigate and Prosecute Abuses, US Pressures to Address Trafficking Makes a Bad Situation Worse
  • Recommendations: To the Government of Cambodia, to the Ministry of the Interior, to the Ministry of Social Affairs, to the Phnom Penh Municipality, to National Assembly of Cambodia, to United Nations Agencies and Concerned Donor Governments, to the US Government, to NGOs Assisting Victims of Trafficking and Sex Workers.

You can download this 82 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.