Report on the Experts Group on Trafficking in Human Beings

Jean-Michel Colombani, Pippo Costella, Mary Cunneen, Brice de Ruyver,Marco Gramegna, José Garcia Magariños, Krzysztof Karsznicki, Plamen Kolarski, Martina Liebsch, Michel Marcus, etc
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This report is the result of a year’s work of the Experts Group on Trafficking in Human Beings. The main assignment of the Experts Group is to contribute to the translation of the Brussels Declaration into practice, in particular by submitting a report to the European Commission with concrete proposals on the implementation of the recommendations of the Brussels Declaration.
The report aims to indicate ways to strengthen EU action against trafficking in human beings and, where appropriate, to launch new initiatives, programmes and activities. The Brussels Declaration, however, has been understood as a “platform” and not as a “fence”. We have also taken into account other sources in order to benefit from new developments and findings in particular areas.

This document contains:
~Definition and current context in trafficking human beings
~Guiding principles and cross-cutting themes
~Assistance, protection, and social inclusion of trafficked persons
~Law enforcement strategies

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