Difficult Decisions: A Tool for Care Workers

Ibarra, Kimberley; Miller, John; Wagner, Frank
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This tool has been launched by The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS. It is designed for care workers to use when faced with an ethical dilemma in their work with children and families of key populations, such as people living with HIV, sex workers or people who use drugs. The tool includes example dilemmas and how they were resolved, a code of ethics, standalone worksheets, video clips, and ‘orientation slides’ to help people deliver a 3-hour orientation to their colleagues.

The tool is important for care workers because it allows them – through following a logical step-by-step process – to think about and discuss how decisions how decisions can be influenced by our environment and by personal biases and judgments about key populations, whether they are children or adults. This tool is important to key populations because it is a way to identify and minimise the harm and stigma clients experience when receiving care.

The guidance was prepared with input from global advocacy groups, care workers and care worker organisations working in Africa, North and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific (including Central Asia)

The Coalition worked with key population networks and community-based organisations to test and improve the tool in four languages and five countries.

As part of this toolkit you can also download the “Difficult-Decisions” in booklet layout (here); a stand-alone, editable MS Word Document containing “The Four-Step Tool” (here); and you can download the Orientation Slides (PowerPoint format from here Orientation Slides) to help you deliver a 3-hour orientation to your colleagues, and to implement the use of the guidance in your organisation.

You can download this 69 page document above. This resource is in English.