Draft Framework for a UN Women Human Rights Affirming Approach to Sex Work in response to UN Women E-Consultation


NSWP has published a draft framework for a UN Women human rights affirming approach to sex work in response to a UN women e-consultation. NSWP received an invitation from UN Women to participate in a formal e-consultation on the 7 September 2016. However, such a process is biased towards those with privilege and will exclude the majority of sex workers in the global south who have limited access to the Internet. This resource for UN Women is in addition to NSWP's online petition of UN Women available here. Please sign and share the petition!

NSWP offers UN Women this draft framework for a human rights affirming approach to sex work for consideration and further consultation during the development of their policy.

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Guiding Principles for UN Women's Response
  • Human Rights: the Cornerstone of an Effective Response to Sex Work

This framework is available in English. You can download this 3 page PDF framework above.