Documenting Human Rights Abuse

Public Association Amelia

Public Association Amelia, the only organisation that provides services to sex workers, has published their report Documenting Human Rights Abuse in the Republic of Kazakhstan with financial support from SWAN. The report is about sex work, violence, and HIV in Kazakhstan. It describes the violence experienced by sex workers and how this increases the vulnerability of sex workers to STIs. Sex work itself is decriminalised in Kazakhstan, but brothels are raided and sex workers are fined. The report also discusses the particular realities faced by sex workers who use drugs in the community of Taldykorgan and Almaty. The report also highlights the issues faced by sex workers since the Global Fund has stopped financing harm reduction programmes for sex workers in Kazakhstan.

Contents include:

  • General information on HIV and availalbe services
  • Legal frameworks
  • International law
  • Legislation and national policies addressing engaging and/or organizing prostitution
  • Documenting human rights abuses
  • Collected survey data analysis
  • Documented violations by medical staff
  • Findings and conclusions
  • Recommendations

You can download this 35 page PDF above. This resource is available in English and Russian.