Cases of Arrested Transgender Sex Workers


Midnight Blue has published their report Cases of Arrested Transgender Sex Workers which documents the human rights abuses faced by transgender sex workers in detention. Up until June 2016, Midnight Blue has monitoried the cases of 40 transgender sex workers who were arrested in Hong Kong. Many transgender sex workers in Hong Kong are migrant sex workers, and after their detention is complete they are often deported. Midnight Blue is demanding the criminal justice system review the human rights abuses against transgender sex workers in detention in Hong Kong.

Contents include:

  • The situation
  • The lured is arrested
  • Humiliating body search
  • Being sentence to psychiatric centre
  • Haircut and strip search
  • No provision of appropriate hormone therapy
  • No provision of appropriate clothing
  • No provision of appropriate toilet
  • Solitary confinement in the immigration department
  • The current situation and our request

This resource is useful because it clearly describes what happens to migrant and transgender sex workers in Hong Kong when they are arrested, from the moment of arrest to the moment of deportation.

You can download this 24 page PDF above. This resource is available in English and Chinese.