From White Slaves to Trafficking Survivors: Notes on the Trafficking Debate

Annuska Derks
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The global flow of money, goods, culture and ideas has been accompanied by a global flow of people. Yet, with increasing migration levels, also various exploitative and abusive forms of migration have become more prevalent. Attention for the topic of trafficking in migrants has found so far most resonance within human rights organizations, numerous non-governmental and international organizations, bodies and lobby networks, as well as in sensationalist media. The approches, definitions, and interpretations of trafficking among these different groups and organizations have varied enormously. As a result of the different foci of and associations with trafficking the term has been used interchangeably with slavery, illegal migration and expecially the sexual explotiation of women.

This paper presents:
- The origins and developments regarding the discussion and definitions of trafficking
- The global and local features of the present-day trafficking phenomenon
- A discussion of the ambiguities within the debate about trafficking more generally.

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