Sex Work and HIV - Thailand

Megan Kendall, Karina Razali
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This report details the changes in HIV infection rates in Thailand from the 1980's (prior to the implementation of the 100% Condom Use Programme) to the current day, and examines both the improvements that have been made and the areas still unresolved with regard to sex worker health and safety.

Contents include sections on:

  • Sex work
  • Clients of sex workers
  • Sex work and the law
  • HIV and sex work
  • Condom Use
  • Other sexually-transmitted infections
  • Knowledge and awareness
  • Stigma & discrimination
  • National response
  • Surveillance
  • Condom use intervention
  • Awareness programmes
  • Mobilising government, non-government, private sector and civil society support for HIV prevention among sex workers and clients
  • Enhancing utilisation of STI services through health system strengthening
  • Enabling access to essential services within a rights-based and empowerment framework
  • The need for increased coverage of prevention programmes and information initiatives among male sex workers

You can download this 10 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.