Court of Appeal for Ontario, Between Bedford, Lebovitch & Scott and Attorneys General of Canada and Ottawa

Rosenberg, J.A.
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This is the judgement of the Ontario Court of Appeal staying the ruling (pursuant to appeal) of Justice Susan Himel in the case Bedford v Canada, where the following sections of the Code were struck down: the common bawdy-house provisions, the living on the avails of adult prostitution offence, and the communication for the purpose of prostitution offence.

This court ruling includes:

  • Overview
  • Role of the Motion Judge and the RJR-MacDonald Test
  • Decision
    • Analysis: Applying the RJR-MacDonald Test for granting a stay
    • Findings on Serious Issue to the Tried
    • Review of Evidence as it relates to Public Interest
    • Findings on Irreparable Harm
    • Findings on Balance of Convenience
  • Disposition

You can download this 42 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.