SWAI launches new campaign to mark two years of criminalisation of clients


Sex Workers Alliance Ireland has launched a new social media campaign to highlight the impact of laws criminalising the purchase of sexual services in the Republic of Ireland, which were introduced in 2017. The campaign highlights the increase in violence documented among sex workers since the introduction of the laws, and calls on the government to decriminalise sex work to ensure safety for sex workers. 

We all deserve to work in safety, access health services and paths to justice. Since the enactment of the 2017 law, sex workers are less safe. Violent crime against sex workers has increased by 92% in the past 2 years.

- SWAI press release

Since the laws were introduced, Ugly Mugs reports of violent crime have increased by 92%, with increases seen shortly after the law was introduced. Less than 1% of sex workers say they have reported or will report crimes against them to the police. 

When the laws were introduced the government said it would like to carry out a 2-year review of their impact. SWAI is calling on the government to ensure any review takes a human rights-based approach to reviewing the impact the laws have had on sex workers. 

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