Sex workers in the UK form new union groups


Sex workers in Scotland and across the UK have formed groups in two unions – GMB and United Voices of the World – to advocate for improved working conditions and decriminalisation of sex work. Sex workers in Scotland launched a new adult entertainment branch of GMB in February, and United Voices of the World began working with strippers and other sex workers in 2018. UVW is organising in partnership with x:talk, and working with Decrim Now, a nationwide campaign for the decriminalisation of sex work.

The new branch of GMB has criticised the current laws in Scotland, which criminalise street-based sex work and sex workers working together from shared premises. A GMB organiser Rhea Wolfson also highlighted Scottish Government policy, which defines sex work as violence against women, as a barrier to accessing services. 

These organisations and others across the UK are also organising through the Women’s Strike, a global strike action on International Women’s Day. The strike action calls for feminists of all genders to join in solidarity with women, and refuse to carry out work usually done, paid or unpaid. The Women’s Strike Assembly is organising strike events across the UK on 8th March, including a Sex/Work Strike in London. 

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