NSWP is recruiting for four Global Consultants to develop new advocacy tools

NSWP is seeking to appoint four Global Consultants in 2020, to lead the development of our advocacy tools.

We will be producing the following policy documents:

  • Briefing Paper – Economic Empowerment
    (What is/is not economic empowerment for sex workers, what country work is going on currently?)
  • Briefing Paper – Universal Health Coverage
    (What is UHC, what are the implications for sex workers, how are sex workers influencing, or being excluded from, the UHC agenda?)
  • Smart Sex Worker’s Guide – Labour & Decent Work
    (Sex work as work, and how sex work fits within the ILO Decent Work agenda)
  • Smart Sex Worker’s Guide –Decriminalisation / the New Zealand Model​
    (How decriminalisation improves sex workers’ lives and protects their rights, how have sex workers used the NZ model in their advocacy?)

Note that each of our papers take around 6 months to develop. Consultants are asked to confirm their availability when expressing interest and on appointment. Global Consultants are paid a fixed fee of £5000 for Briefing Papers and £2500 for Smart Guides (inclusive of overheads and all other costs), in instalments against receipt of agreed deliverables.   

INTERESTED? Please see the job posting for more information. The deadline for applications is 2nd February 2020.