NSWP Publishes New Briefing Paper on Male Sex Work

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NSWP Publishes New Briefing Paper on Male Sex Work

Male sex workers as a group have different experiences and therefore their own unique needs and requirements. While male sex workers make up a growing minority of sex workers, they face multiple levels of stigma and discrimination. Various laws exist around the world that criminalises same-sex relationships in one way or another. Such legislation affect male sex workers disproportionately as it sanctions state and societal discrimination against  minority groups. There has been a disturbing rise in the number of countries that have enacted new legislation criminalising homosexuality. Male sex workers require the same access to health care and face the same barriers other sex workers face to accessing appropriate health care and other services.

One of NSWP priority areas is to focus on and highlight the needs and rights of male sex workers. This briefing paper aims to address the needs of  male sex workers. This briefing paper were produced as part of a project supported by Bridging the Gaps

The Male Sex Work briefing paper focuses on the main issues faced by male sex workers (MSW) globally and highlights some of the advocacy and activism efforts by male sex worker communities that have challenged these issues. The paper is intended for those who make policy, design and implement programmes, and work directly with MSW in the hope of increasing awareness and understanding of the multiple realities and needs of this community. This paper is also intended as an advocacy tool for NSWP member groups to utilise in their attempts to raise awareness across the world of the needs of MSW and advocate for their rights from the grassroots community level to global forums for change.

Download the papers here:

Male Sex Work Briefing Paper (English)

Male Sex Work Briefing Paper: Summary (English)

Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish versions to follow soon.