NSWP members arrested and detained under anti-homosexuality laws


On Friday 20th April, 3 members of NSWP member Avenir Jeune de l'Ouest (AJO) were arrested at their offices in Dschang, Cameroon, following a raid by police. A further two members were arrested on Saturday 21st April, and have since been held at Dschang Central Police station. AJO reported that the members were not given reason for their detention and suffered violence and aggression at the hands of the police. 

On Tuesday 24th April, the fourth day of detention, they were informed that they had been arrested under anti-homosexuality laws.

AJO are extremely concerned about the conditions in which they are being held and the effect this will have on the members' physical and mental health. They are concerned that they do not have adequate access to health care, food, or necessary facilities including sleeping areas. This is compounded by the number of days spent in detention. AJO are calling for the provision of a medical and psychological team to provide all the necessary assistance to their members. 

AJO report that the hostile environment for LGBT people in Dschang is a source of anxiety for their members, and this is compounded by the police's approach of raids and arrest. No warrant was presented during the arrest of their members, and they have not been presented with any proof of the accusations made against them. As of Thursday 26th April, 6 days after their arrest, the 5 people are still being detained by police. 

AJO's full press release (in French) can be downloaded here

NSWP is in touch with AJO and will update this story as we find out more. 

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