NSWP Launches Updated Global Mapping of Sex Work Laws

A map of the world
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NSWP has launched an update to the legal mapping project, which maps sex work laws around the world. The information in the map reflects legislation (as of 31 March 2020) that affects sex workers through the criminalisation of the sale and purchase of sexual services, and the facilitation, management or organisation of sex work, as well as other laws used to regulate sex work such as mandatory health checks and travel restrictions.

NSWP has also published seven country case studies on how laws work on the streets. A Briefing Paper summarising the seven case studies is also available.

Countries which criminalise sex work are highlighted on the map in three shades of red representing selling, buying and third parties. Countries which regulate sex work through ‘legalisation’ are highlighted in yellow. Countries which have decriminalised sex work are highlighted in green. The map can be filtered by these different types of law, and each country has its own page with further information

Click here to view the map. A full list of countries/regions can be found here.