Global Consultant: Smart Sex Worker’s Guide to Digital Security

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NSWP is seeking to appoint a Global Consultant to develop a Smart Sex Worker’s Guide, with accompanying Community Guide, on digital security for sex workers. NSWP will consider applications from individuals based in or outside of the UK.

Sex work is rapidly transforming with the expansion of information and communication technology (ICT). While providing increased opportunities and flexibility, ICT also presents new challenges and potential risks. Sex workers are increasingly targeted through facial recognition technology that poses serious threats to their privacy and safety. Sex workers are also increasingly targeted by national and international NGOs promoting digital health services, as well as government service providers, who wish to use mobile apps to provide information, but also to find, count, track, and trace sex workers. The increasing use of ICT poses many challenges in terms of protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and safety of sex workers, in an increasingly criminalised environment.

Please see the full Terms of Reference on our website for the position and information on how to apply.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday 31st January 2021 23.59 hours GMT.