Global Consultant: Smart Sex Worker’s Guide: Community-led Responses to COVID-19

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NSWP is seeking to appoint a Global Consultant to develop a Smart Sex Worker’s Guide on community-led responses to COVID-19. NSWP will consider applications from individuals based in or outside of the UK.

Sex workers have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The structural, social, and economic barriers, rooted in the criminalisation of sex work in the vast majority of countries, sex workers experienced before the pandemic have been exacerbated – sex workers all over the world have experienced hardship, loss of income, exclusion from social protection and emergency response, increased criminalisation and harassment, negative long-term HIV and other health outcomes and increased inequalities.

As governments failed to provide adequate assistance in their social protection mechanisms and emergency responses, sex worker-led organisations around the world stepped up to support their communities. Emergency and mutual aid funds were set up to provide sex workers with grants and vouchers, and many sex worker-led organisations continued to provide and expand services and support to sex workers by distributing PREP and ARVs directly to sex workers in their homes, along with food and hygiene packages. This Smart Guide will highlight best practices in sex worker-led responses to COVID-19 that will provide models for future health and humanitarian crises.

Please see the full Terms of Reference on our website for the position and information on how to apply.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday 9th January 2022 23.59 hours GMT.