Call for Expressions of Interest for HIV2020

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The HIV2020 organising committee is currently seeking proposals to develop and lead thematic sessions during the first two days of the conference.

HIV2020 is organised by an alliance of global key population-led networks, networks of people living with HIV, treatment activists and supporters, who have come together to organise an alternative international community-led event. HIV2020: Community Reclaiming the Global Response will take place in Mexico City, July 5-7, 2020, and will run concurrently with the first half of the International AIDS Conference

Day 1 will provide opportunities for Affinity: full- and half-day thematic caucuses and spaces for populations or professional groups to gather, to organise, and to have ‘in-house’ discussions.

Day 2 will underscore Intersectionality in the HIV response and will be organised as a series of concurrent , full- and half-day scientific and thematic programs and training workshops.

Day 3 will focus on Solidarity and bring together affinity groups for discussions about intersectional responses to HIV and broader health, social justice and human rights issues. Specifically, this day will feature plenary sessions and panel discussions which aim to bring forward key messages from Days 1 and 2 and define the next steps for community-led HIV responses.

HIV2020 is also seeking proposals from artists who are interested in holding an exhibition and performers who are interested in arranging an artistic performance programme.

Proposals must be aligned with the conference themes, the overarching theme of the day, and the values and principles of the conference. ​Please Download and Read the Full Guidelines for Submission.

To read more and submit a proposal, please see the HIV2020 website

Registration to attend HIV2020 is also open, including applications for scholarships. Please read more about registration here or on the HIV2020 website