Call for African Sex Workers to Submit Articles to Buwa!


The Open Society Initiative for South Africa (OSISA) is calling for articles to be considered for its 2014 Issue of BUWA!: A Journal on African Women’s Experiences. The theme is “Women and Economic Injustice”. One of the brief call specifically for articles from African sex workers.

  • Economy of Sex

We are often told ‘sex sells’ and indeed, there is thriving economy built around sex. The focus of this section is on the sex industry which includes sex work and pornography. Using feminist lenses, articles in this section will explore gender injustice in the context of economics of sex. Topics may include:

  • Rights and Rescue debate: Are women who work as sex workers victims of exploitation or liberated women exercising their right to choose to use their bodies as an economic resource? We would love to hear stories from the perspective of women who are currently working as sex workers, or have done so in the past.
  • Contribution of sex work to state economy that governments are reluctant to cost. Instead, governments in Africa tend to criminalize sex work. This piece would do an economic analysis of supply and demand, costs and benefits of sex work to national budgets.

If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration by the OSISA editorial team, please write and indicate your expression of interest to and copy and indicate what piece you are interested in submitting. Once received, we will share the style guide and other relevant details. OSISA will consider:

  • Analytical referenced pieces of 3000 words especially from women
  • Personal stories and experiences from women (no word limit although these need to be comprehensive enough to tell the story)
  • Photo-essays and comic submissions
  • Case studies on relevant initiatives to showcase responses to the issues across the region and the continent
  • Relevant policy analysis, critique and modelling
  • Literature and book reviews

Deadline for submission of articles: 15 July 2014