NSWP member organisation the English Collective of Prostitutes and Dr Laura Connelly from the University of Salford have published new research that looks at EU Migrant Sex Work in the UK Post-Referendum.  

The research, conducted in 2019, shows that violence, xenophobia and threats of deportation against migrant sex workers from the European Union have risen since the EU Referendum.

Key findings from the research include:

STOPAIDS has published a new position paper supporting the decriminalisation of sex work, designed to support STOPAIDS members to advocate for decriminalisation within their own advocacy and programmes, and support the global sex worker rights movement.

Empower Foundation has released a new resource library on their website, comprising books, reports, letters and films on a variety of topics linked to sex workers' rights in Thailand. You can access the full set of resources here (most available in English and Thai). 

Cette ressource est le plan stratégique de la NSWP 2013-2015, et comme cela sera utile à ce travailleur du sexe à la recherche d'un modèle des organisations sur lesquelles fonder leur propre document stratégique de l'organisation. Le plan stragetic mettra à jour également Organisations membres et les travailleurs du sexe A propos de l'accent prévu de NSWP pour les dix-huit prochains mois.