Bar Girls in India are Being Evicted

Varsha Kale
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Bar girls are being evicted by Shiv Sena with the support of the State

Date: June 07, 2007

Varsha Kale (President - WPI) writes:

Dear Friends

Bargirls are being forcefully evicted from Thane city of Maharashtra by Shiv Sena, a regional and communal outfit. It is a systematic operation, tacitly supported by police. All Marathi newspapers are appreciating, praising heroism of Shiv Sena cadre for attacking and beating two women members of Bargirls Union openly on the street. English newspapers and electronic media however have condemned the act. More than 700 bargirls and their families have so far become homeless and shelter less on the eve of monsoon. Shiv Sena has given ultimatum of 10 days to remaining 2500 bargirls to leave the area or else they will use even greater force. The government, police, civil society and human rights groups are all silent spectators.

We need your help and support in this hour of crisis. Please forward this mail to all activists and organisation committed to uphold human and women's rights.

- Varsha Kale
(President, Bhartiya Bargirls Union)

Varsha Kale's blog has photographs and links to news coverage.

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