Labour on the Margins

BC Coalition of Experiential Communities (BCCEC)
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Labour standards and occupational health and safety have been the rights of Canadian Workers for over 100 years. The sex industry and its workers have however never enjoyed the privileges of being acknowledged for providing a safe work space or been able to complain about dangerous conditions. This has forced the system at large to impose what it believes is right for sex industry workers with disastrous results for decades in the BC/Yukon region. The need for a community based process through which the sex industry can govern itself and have input to its future and stability has never been more urgent.

Content includes:

  • About the BCCEW/C
  • Continuum of Sexual Politics
  • Project Background and Rationale
  • First meeting-Initial Consultation with BC Federation of Labour
  • Second Meeting-Engagement of Sex Industry Workers
  • Recommendations, Action Plan and Relevance to Communities
  • Sex Industry Association Model Graphic Representation
  • Acknowledgements

You can download this 20-page PDF above. This resource is in English.