Trafficking 101: A Community Resource for Sex Workers' Rights Activists


As part of its programme 'Rights not Rescue: Sex Work, Migration, Exploitation and Trafficking', ICRSE has published 'Trafficking 101: a community resource for sex workers' rights activists'.

This resource is designed to increase understanding among sex workers’ rights organisations of human trafficking policies and priorities in Europe and Central Asia. The paper outlines definitions and terms used in international human trafficking policies, and presents reasons why the definitions are still challenging nearly 20 years after their introduction. The paper also summarises what can indicate human trafficking according to international standards. As human trafficking is broadly considered as a gross violation of human rights, the document also gives an overview of the rights that all victims of trafficking should enjoy, accompanied by short descriptions of challenges in their realisation.

You can download this 29 page resource above, or on the ICRSE website. It is available in English. For more information on ICRSE's Rights not Rescue programme, follow their regular blog posts on Open Democracy.