Sex Work in Europe - A Mapping of the Prostitution Scene in 25 European Countries


This report aims to identify trends and tendencies in relation to the changing patterns of sex work and the living and working conditions of female and transgender sex workers within Europe, with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and programming. The report also focuses on work migration patterns within the European Union (EU), and how the expansion of the EU is affecting sex workers. The various annexes provide additional information that may be relevant to sex workers interested in learning about the structure of TAMPEP, the questionnaire they used to asses each country, their recommendations, and the individual national reports.

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Assessment Methods
  • Mapping Results: A European Overview
  • Prostitution Scene
  • Gender
  • Proportion of National and Migrant Sex Workers
  • Regions of Origin of Migrant Sex Workers
  • Countries of Origin of Migrant Sex Workers
  • North Region
  • South Region
  • East Region
  • West Region
  • Sex work Sectors and Settings in Europe
  • Situation of Sex Workers
  • Vulnerability Factors and Work Conditions
  • Main Vulnerability Factors for National Sex Workers
  • Main Vulnerability Factors for Migrant Sex Workers
  • Control of Working Conditions
  • Changes in Vulnerability
  • Changes in Policy or Legislation
  • Mobility
  • Transnational and In-country Mobility
  • Transnational Mobility: National & Migrant Sex Workers
  • In-country Mobility: National & Migrant Sex Workers
  • Top 5 Reasons for Mobility of National & Migrant Sex Workers
  • Mobility | Summary
  • Service Provision | Gap Analysis
  • Gaps in Service Provision | Recommendations
  • Structural Barriers to HIV Programming and Services for Sex Workers |
  • Recommendations
  • State Level
  • Service Provider Level
  • Sex Worker Level
  • Removing Structural Barriers for Universal Access
  • Service Provision | Summary
  • Final Conclusion

You can download this 79-page PDF above. This resource is in English.