Not Up to the Challenge of Change: An Analysis of the Report of the Subcomittee of Solicitation Laws

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Maggies, Stella
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“The Challenge of Change,” the December 2006 report of the House of Commons Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws, was aptly named — the Subcommittee failed to meet the challenge of recommending legislative changes that are urgently needed to protect and fulfil the health, safety and human rights of adult sex workers in Canada.This paper critiques the Subcommittee’s report in detail. It also summarises the Legal Network’s analysis of the criminal law’s impact on sex workers and calls on federal politicians to show real leadership by standing up for the human rights of sex workers in Canada.

Contents of this document include:


Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws

  • Report of the Subcommittee
  • Unanimous Recommendations
  • Majority Recommendation
  • Minority Dissent

Critique of the Report

  • Failing to recommend necessary criminal code reforms
  • Hiding behind ideology rather than responding to evidence
  • Silencing Sex Workers
  • Missing the mark
  • Targeting street-based sex workers
  • Targeting clients: the Swedish experience
  • Hypocrisy on women's rights
  • Plus ca change: unacceptable status quo remains


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