Voluntary Sex Work


STAR-STAR, a sex workers' collective in the Balkans, has published Voluntary Sex Work. They interviewed 73 sex workers in the city of Skopje. Their key research objectives were to understand sex workers' attitudes and perceptions towards voluntary sex work and the legalisation of sex work, to raise the general population's awareness about sex work, and finally, to present the advantages and disadvantages of sex work legalisation. 

Contents include:

  • Research grounds
  • Key objectives of the research
  • Research methods, time and location
  • Research team
  • Research data analysis including demographic data, voluntary sex work, and the legalisation of sex work
  • Conclusion and recommendations. 

This report is useful because it prioritises the voices of sex workers. Sixty-seven percent of the sex workers involved believe that the legalisation or depenalisation of sex work would contribute to major improvements in terms of their healthcare, insurance, peace, non-violence, and the workplace. The recommendations include creating a legal framework that adequately responds to the needs of sex workers. 

You can download this 42 page PDF above. This resource is available in English and Macedonian.