The Principles for Model Sex Work Legislation

Scarlet Alliance

This report by Scarlet Alliance outlines core principles in sex work law reform. The principles are an integral source of information and reference for politicians, government bodies, advocates, health providers, community sectors, current and potential sex workers, and sex industry owners and managers. They are the outcome of a five-stage consultation process with the Scarlet Alliance membership, including sex workers from a range of organisations and locations and with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

The purpose of this process was to ensure the Principles reflect the voices, needs, objectives and consensus of sex workers in Australia. Putting sex workers voices at the centre of policy is a key step in creating law reform that is ethical, effective and sustainable. The Principles reflect contemporary research, literature and personal experiences, and are essential for anyone engaging in law reform or advocacy on sex work issues.

Contents include:

  • International best practice approaches to sex work law reform
  • Regulatory frameworks in Australia and overseas
    • Criminalisation
    • Licensing
    • Decriminalisation
  • Structure
  • Scarlet Alliance objectives
  • Principles for Model Sex Work Legislation
  • Addressing myths and stereotypes about sex work
  • Decriminalisation is the optimal model for sex work legislation
  • Industrial rights and occupational health and safety
  • Health promotion and peer education
  • Sexually transmissible infections and HIV testing and criminalisation
  • Human rights and anti-discrimination protection
  • Migration, mobility and freedom of movement
  • Local planning and sex industry businesses
  • Sex workers as experts: Consultation, inclusion and self-determination

You can download this 153-page PDF above. This resource is available in English only.