NSWP Strategic Review 2010-15


The NSWP Strategic Review is a review of the 2010-15 strategic plans of NSWP. The review was led by an independent consultant. It used five research methods: a survey of all NSWP members, consultation with selected members, in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, a focus group discussion with staff and a literature review. The NSWP Strategic Review aims to inform the development of a new NSWP strategic plan for 2016-20.

Contents include:

  • The Strategic Review Overview of NSWP
  • Summary of NSWP Outcomes and Activities
  • Analysis of NSWP Achievements and Lessons
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

This review is useful to sex workers and sex workers’ rights organisations because it showcases key messages about NSWP’s strengths, weaknesses and lessons in 2010-15. It also provides recommendations for the development of the 2016-20 strategic plan which will guide NSWP activities.

You can download this 43 page PDF above. A 10 page PDF Summary Report is also available.

This resource is only available in English.