“No more TIPs please” Empower reflections on TIP report 2014

Empower Foundation
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This 2012 report summarises analysis and reflections from the Empower Foundation in Thailand on the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, a U.S. Government’s tool which ranks countries’ anti-trafficking efforts based on their alignment with U.S. policies, including anti-sex work policies.

The report outlines the negative impact anti-trafficking laws and practices have on the lives of migrant sex workers and their families. It is an in-depth community research report based on sex workers’ lived experiences and provides details and examples of wide spread abuses and neglect under the law. The report documents how anti-trafficking initiatives are limited to raids and putative measures against migrant workers and their families, omitting efforts to promote fair wages, safe workplaces and improved working conditions.

Contents Include:

  • Harms of the TIP Process and anti-trafficking laws for poor people
  • Negative impact of U.S. pressure on human rights
  • Prosecution rather than protection of trafficking victims

This report is useful for understanding how U.S. Government mechanisms promote non-rights based anti-trafficking policies globally. It is also useful for understanding the harms of non-rights based trafficking policies on sex workers and intersecting communities.

You can download this 4-page PDF above. This resource is in English.