Global Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV Programming


This global report pulls together the regional reports documenting good practice in sex worker-led HIV programming to provide a global overview.

A global project to identify and document best practices undertaken by sex workers in carrying out programmes related to sex work and HIV; to identify and document issues of sex workers and their access to HIV‑related treatment and the impact of free trade on this access; and to identify and document the impact of programmes relating to HIV directed at sex workers which fail to include a human rights‑based approach.

The objective of the global (and regional) report(s) is two-fold:

  1. to document the experiences of sex workers, through examples of best practices that serve to share the development of politically influential tools; to strengthen sex workers’ group efforts to become effectively involved in the development of policies and programmes that help to amplify their voices both at regional and international levels; and
  2. to document the access of sex workers to treatment, as well as the impact of HIV programmes which fail to include a human rights-based approach, such as highly coercive or mandatory HIV programmes, as well as the lack of access to affordable and effective treatment for HIV and STIs.

You can download this resource as an 88 page PDF above. This resource is in English.